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It was thus said that the Great Stefano once stated:
> Hi All,
> Based on the previous feedback, I implemented friendly html reporting for
> your convenience.
> ... 
> In general, there is not much you can do for the excluded cases.
> ...
> Please let me know if something is still unclear.

  Quite a few modules are rejected because of "depends on external library"
yet that "external library" might very well exist on Linux and OSX (by
default!) but not Windows [1].  Does the lack of a library on *any* platform
exclude the module entirely?  I ask, because the reason for
"org.conman.uuid" being excluded is interesting.  For two operating systems,
it's because of "condenting module" error [2] but for Windows, it's because
of "unsupported OS", which I read as, "once the contending module conflict
is resolved, then we'll have "org.conman.uuid" for both Linux and OSX but
not Windows."

  But I could be wrong in that assumption, and from what you've written,
it's not clear what the criteria *is* for inclusion (I mean, you say you
can't do much about the excluded cases, but for "depends on external
library" some could be included because that "external library" might exist
on the target system).  


[1]	Windows.  Why did it have to be Windows?

[2]	discussed in a previous email