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Hello, Stefano.

> Please let me know if something is still unclear.
> Stefano

> odbc    0.1.0-302       Windows x86     excluded        depends on external library

On Windows it has not external dependencies.

> lzmq-ffi 0.4.3-102       Windows x86     no      contending module "lzmq" with "lzmq-auth~0.1.0-2"

This is not fully correct.

lzmq/lzmq-ffi  provide  same API but one implemented on C and other on

lzmq.auth/lzmq.pool can work ether with lzmq or lzmq-ffi.
They also did not have conflicts with each other.
But  because  LuaRocks  did  not supports optional deps I just did not
point it in rockspecs.

lzmq.timer   is   module   that  has  no  external  deps.  It  install
`lzmq.timer`  module which provide absolute/monotonic timers. It works
on Win/OSX/Linux

Similar way is with lluv.
lluv is binding for libuv.
lluv.ssl adds ssl socket and lluv.websocket adds
websocket sockets to lluv library. So there no conflicts.

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