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On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 6:29 PM, Paul K <> wrote:

>> The ticket is related to building wxWidgets using LuaDist but you should be fine when trying to use the wxLua[1] cmake build if you already have wxWidgets built. See documentation on how to install LuaDist modules manually here[2], use CMake GUI for convenience.
> Does this mean that I can build wxLua manually for MacOS *today*, as
> long as I have wxwidgets compiled? Or is it still Windows only until
> you migrate to CMake?

wxLua now has it's own CMake files and should build fairly easily for
MSW, Linux, and OSX. I have yet to write the documentation for it, but
if you use the CMake gui and read the tooltips it should be clear what
you need to set for wxWidgets to be found. Also note that the OSX
bundles are very basic at this point.