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please help me a bit with LuaDist. I think I get stuck in the docs; I did the following (in 32bits Win7):

 1) install MinGW:
    - download latest mingw-get-inst- .. exe file
    - execute that file (this installs "c:\mingw" on the system

 2) download LuaDist package:
    - unzip the package to:
      this results in the following subdirectories created in there:

 3) I open a command prompt and:
    - cd to "C:\LuaDist-batteries-0.9.1-Windows-mingw32\"

 4) Building LuaDist can now be started using the build.bat script:
       ===> error: build.bat not found
       ===> also for the next step "bootstrap.bat" is missing

What am I doing wrong?


2012/6/5 Peter Drahoš <>

On 5 Jun, 2012, at 17:28 , Arie van Wingerden wrote:

> Does anybody know when LuaForWindows  (currently  v5.1.4-45 ) will be updated to latest Lua release?
LuaForWindows updates will slowly be discontinued (see list archives for reasons and details). Currently the LuaDist project aims to take its place with the Batteries[2] package. Binary downloads are also available here [3]. However the 1.0 LuaDist Batteries release will still use Lua 5.1.5. Moving to Lua 5.2 will still take some time as many of the modules are not compatible.