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Roberto Ierusalimschy <> writes:
>> Hmm, on my test case, rc3 seems to consistently increase runtime by
>> about 10% compared to rc1.  [I didn't test rc2, so maybe the changes
>> there are the reason.]
>> A bit mystifying as rc1 was noticeably faster even when matching rc3's
>> memory usage...
> I think the collector in rc3 is a bit more aggressive than the one in
> rc1. In some tests we performed, rc1 was still consuming too much
> memory.
> For some programs (as you noticed), small differences in the collector
> may affect speed without affecting memory usage. That is why the
> collector has adjustable parameters.

Hmm, yeah ...  :]

It's just that since rc1 GC seemed to pretty tunable without any
performance hit (at least within the limited scope of my tests), I was
kinda hoping that the release GC tuning wouldn't having any
performance hit... :)

But I guess your GC tests cover more cases than mine, so presumably
it's justified.



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