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On 5 Jun, 2012, at 23:39 , Paul K wrote:

> While we are on the topic of LuaDist, does anyone know if it is
> possible to use it to build wxLua binary for Win/MacOS/Linux
> platforms?
Yes, but read below.

> By looking at this ticket
> ( it seems like there
> has been some work done, but has anyone tried to actually build it?
The ticket is related to building wxWidgets using LuaDist but you should be fine when trying to use the wxLua[1] cmake build if you already have wxWidgets built. See documentation on how to install LuaDist modules manually here[2], use CMake GUI for convenience.

> I have tried with the instructions for wxLua (from
> and it was quite painful. I got it
> working for MacOS, but am looking for something simpler and more
> repeatable. I'm mostly interested in MacOS/Linux as I already have
> binaries for Windows, but wouldn't mind to upgrade if there is a newer
> wxwidget version across all three platforms.
This is one of the reasons LuaDist exists. However wxWidgets is a special case at the moment, we rely on customized "bakefiles" provided by wxWidgets for the Windows/MinGW build chain. The original autotools/automake build system is a mess and will take some effort to port to CMake. Once that is done automated builds for all platforms should not be a problem. It is high on the TO DO list.