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Roberto Ierusalimschy schrieb:
 The arc of this thread has been very interesting.
if he wanted to
change only his own copy of Lua, he would not bother to list the pros
and cons of the patch.

-- Roberto

I love Lua. Did I say that? I still have this funny glance about it.

Now, what I don't get is responses that have the air of Lua being in danger.

From Nilson's patch or his perceived hijacking over-ambition. Or generally from commerce.

I thought I was as neutral an observer as could be. Very many of you come across mightily defensive.

To have patience with new arriver's ideas is the right thing for that very reason that they see new what you have gotten used to.

That's where much progress and invention comes from. You can't fake it, once you lost it, so listen to the noobs.

And to hedge my time: I don't like the "just make dot work" approach.

And I am perfectly sure Lua became what it is by being guarded against feature bloat and patches.

I appreciate that. But the tone on the list can be improved.

I for one don't dare to comment on substance. Although I could add another noob's perspective.

But I don't want to get a public beating I guess. What for.

If that's what readers feel *who agree*, maybe some of you want to reflect about how they come across.