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The arc of this thread has been very interesting. It started with a user asking for help to modify his copy of Lua to work better for him in his circumstances. Rather than just offer him the help he needed and ending it there, it ended up with the original author feeling persecuted, and the conversation exploding into yet another battle about... everything.

So... to carry forward the grand tradition...

On 9/29/2010 8:07 PM, Tim Mensch wrote:
The OP was mostly concerned with "just making dot work," and I feel that's the most elegant solution. Some folks objected to "->", and frankly it's not pretty -- and though it does satisfy the "make it different" criteria, I don't know that it would satisfy the "make it easier for non-experts" criteria, since they still have to understand the underlying semantics of when to use it.

It would be my preference too to "just make dot work". In mentioning the alternate-to-colon syntax, it was my hope that by looking different, non-experts would at least know there was a difference, and that might lead them to understand why. As it is, I'll bet a fair number of new users will not even notice that dots are used in some places and colons in others, because the visual difference is small, and the context in which they are used is so similar. If they were different, readers might notice the difference and question why.