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On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:01 PM, Tim Mensch <> wrote:
> I get the difference. I really do. And yet a lot of users will NEVER get it
> -- people who I will want to be able to extend my game, or my app, or
> whatever. You're talking about an issue that, while it's obvious to an
> expert (i.e., almost ANYONE reading this list), it's STILL easy to make a
> mistake (especially if your life/job/habits/whatever causes you to ever use
> other languages), and it simply is never a good answer to tell your end
> users that they haven't tried hard enough to learn your product. That would
> fall under "blaming the victim."

I agree with you. And if my damage English allows, I would like to say more:

I dream with Lua running in almost everywhere. Lua should have the the
popularity of PHP on Web servers, of Javascript in Web Browsers and
Delphi (in good times) as Desktop Client. IMO, Lua should be popular
even as a "Database Script Language" to run triggers functions like
Postgresql PL/Lua does.

Why it is not?

I don't know exactly why, but I would bet a nickel that the "colon
call" is part of the equation.

With the existent tools, people are used to be productive in some
level without need to understand "how the things really works".
Perhaps they don't wanna know - so many things to do in so little
time. But Lua requires exactly this knowledge on each "table access" -
should I use a colon or a dot? Is it a field or a call? Is it a module
or an "object"?

I started to develop the OOBit patch as an effort to help to increase
Lua's popularity, eliminating the constant questioning: "colon or dot
?" that can only annoy an experience programmer but can repels new