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* On 2010-09-30 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote  :

> > My current solution is to have a patched lua interpreter/compiler at hand with
> > a small modification to treat OP_TAILCALL simply as OP_CALL
> Isn't it enough to disable the line below in retstat (lparser.c:1251)?
>         SET_OPCODE(getcode(fs,&e), OP_TAILCALL);
> This prevents the parser from generating tail calls.

Also possible.

> If you have precompiled code that uses tail calls, then you'll probably
> have to delete the whole case OP_TAILCALL in lvm.c and have OP_TAILCALL
> be handled by OP_CALL.

Which is exactly what I did.

This works well for me and helps me with my problem, but it still
requires a compile time decision to enable or disable tail calls. I was
wondering if the original idea - making this run-time switchable, as
proposed by Rici Lake - would be a viable feature for Lua.