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steve donovan wrote:
On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 10:04 AM, Pavel Shevaev <> wrote:
Guys, now I'm trying to implement this and it looks like I need
variable arguments list within a macro. Is it possible at all?
Very much so. Consider this macro:
macro.define ('sum',{handle_parms = macro.parameter_grabber(')',',','(')},
It's more low-level, but one can create anything this way.

Steve, I downloaded and tried it out (I've used it before, but not in a long time). The macro above worked perfectly.

But I had a quick question about one of the example files in the zip archive, functional.lua. I noticed that the following line worked even though it seems to have an error (last character is a curly brace, not a parenthesis):


If I replace '}' with ')' I get exactly the same output. Is this intentional?