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> Asking about using the C API to run 'require' in order to Lua macros
> running from the C side... that's not a very typical combination of
> n00bie topics!

Heh, thanks ;)

> A little off topic, but I'm curious about PARAL and SEQ. Is this an
> interface to a language/model that supports explicitly specifying
> parallel/sequential code?

Well, it's an interface to the simple implementation of an AI behavior
tree. The whole model is written in C++ while Lua is used as a
declaration language for tree composition. PARAL - is a block where
nodes are executed in parallel until one of them completes, SEQ - is a
block where nodes are executed one after each other until one of them
fails. There are a few more core building blocks like for example
selectors, sort of a switch/case construct.

By the way, I'm thinking how to get rid of ADD constructs using
LuaMacro since they are redundant. So instead of:


It could simply be:


> Do you have a link to some context for your AI
> use case? Googling results in a flood of hits.

There is a great site with LOTS of information on AI and
behavior trees in particular. You can start with this introduction
video and
watch rest 2 and 3 parts by changing the last number in the url.

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