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On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 10:04 AM, Pavel Shevaev <> wrote:
> Guys, now I'm trying to implement this and it looks like I need
> variable arguments list within a macro. Is it possible at all?

Very much so. Consider this macro:

macro.define ('sum',{handle_parms = macro.parameter_grabber(')',',','(')},
		local args = {...}
		local subst,put = macro.subst_putter()
		local n = #args
		for i = 1,n do
			if i < n then put '+' end
		return subst

sum(10,20,30) will expand to 10+20+30

Here handle_parms is a function which explicitly expects an arguments
list: start with '(', use ',' as the delimiter, and end with ')'.
This gives you an array of arguments.

The substitution is here a function, which receives an arbitrary
number of arguments and explicitly creates an output token list.

It's more low-level, but one can create anything this way.

steve d.