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On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 9:17 PM, stefan <> wrote:
> 1) User registration w/profiles (avatars optional but highly desired)

Sputnik does have user registration with Gravatar support.

> 2) Multiple threads under multiple 'groups' or topics (a thread hierarchy)

Presenting this nicely is the challenge.

> 3) A global/topic search function for subject line & message text

Comes out of the box, just need to customize the output.

> 4) Email notification of a new message in a subscribed thread

We talked about this. Anybody know how to persuade socket.smtp to work
with secure SMTP servers?

> 5) Thread subscriptions (see #4 - e.i. 'watch this thread', turns the forum
> into a filtered mailing list in effect)

Once there is extended user profile information, not difficult.

> 6) BBcode or other such simple markup support

Sputnik has Markdown support, but this is part of a general mechanism
that can be extended to any markup scheme.

> 7) New posts (front page shows the most recent 10/20/50 posted-in threads)

> Common extras of dubious value:
I would agree with the 'dubious' ;)

steve d.

PS. Some of these features in any case would be very useful in the
Snippets site, e.g. the 'lost password' problem.