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Yuri Takhteyev wrote:
So, I take it no - there is no readily available Lua forum (or listman)
software floating around?

It really depends on what features are expected. If we want a simple
forum, like (without direct messages,
reputation, etc.), there _is_ a Lua application - Sputnik. If we want
all the features of phpBB, whatever they happen to be, then probably
there isn't. If we want something in between, then we can talk about
how this can realistically be achieved. Perhaps there are a few things
I can code up and a few module the community could through in.

Note that while luaforge2 has been making limited progress, this has
mostly been because the discussion got stuck on questions of
management style, colors, logo, domain name, not to mention a few holy

- yuri

As an admin/benefactor of many different forums over the years, these seem to be a common subset of user requested features:

1) User registration w/profiles (avatars optional but highly desired)
2) Multiple threads under multiple 'groups' or topics (a thread hierarchy)
3) A global/topic search function for subject line & message text
4) Email notification of a new message in a subscribed thread
5) Thread subscriptions (see #4 - e.i. 'watch this thread', turns the forum into a filtered mailing list in effect)
6) BBcode or other such simple markup support
7) New posts (front page shows the most recent 10/20/50 posted-in threads)

Common extras of dubious value:

8) Attachments (can avoid and use third party upload site - luasnippets?)
9) Private messages (why not just use email?)
10) Signatures with images (oh please no)
11) Graphical emoticons (meh)
12) Reply to notification = thread post (only seen once, very tricky but kinda neat)

I have found that a clean and full-featured forum software can significantly increase your user base. You still need good content (topics & posts), but every extra bit helps. Of course, one may argue that you also attract more trolls this way. I personally find that they remain a pretty steady percentage of the total population, no matter what you do. Ignoring them seems to work the best.