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On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 8:47 PM, Stefan <> wrote:
>  But Daniel brought up a good point for the long term. Lua is not
> eating it's own dog food. Much of the Perl/PHP/Ruby/Python camps are
> currently avoiding this assault on their collective pride. I assume that
> even this list runs on software that does not utilize Lua in some way.
> Maybe it is just me, but I find this vaguely embarrassing.

Oh yes, the dog food issue is very relevant. Jim Whitehead's WoW Lua
forums are all powered by Sputnik, as is the LuaSnippets prototype:

This is stock Sputnik styled using Betrand Mansion's LF2 design
mockup, but it badly needs more design attention.  There is another
design exercise by Fernando P. García, done using Drupal:

Which develops some ideas about what the 'add a project' form should look like.

The general LuaForge 2 development effort is headed by Andre Carregal.
 There has been debate about whether LF2 should include projects plus
snippets, or whether they should be logically separate. Personally, I
think it makes sense to combine them, since they share so many
concepts, but we have yet to decide on the implementation framework,
other than it should be Lua-based.

Sometimes it's a question of tactics vs strategy.  A number of people
have asked why Lua Nova is not done using a Lua blog engine rather
than Wordpress; strategically, that is a good idea, but tactically
it's better to get the articles out.

steve d.