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We would be happy to provide indefinite hosting for these forums. We host enough other hobby sites & forums, one more won't hurt. Already got a nice dedicated domain in mind... is Dave Roberts on this list? He is sitting on the best domain for this endevour:

In my mind, the main question would be: if the Lua forums at icynorth close, would the people that would've googled onto it then end up posting questions at stackoverflow?

A quick google of "lua forum" puts icynorth at the top, then the Nabble view of this list, then FPH Lua forums. The last has questions posted, but no-one seems to answer. "lua help" and "lua question" both end up at various WoW and assorted game forums.

This old related post has a few interesting insights:

We use FreeBSD Jails combined with setuid PHP processes, so security is manageable as long as daily backups are made to deal with potential vandalism. But Daniel brought up a good point for the long term. Lua is not eating it's own dog food. Much of the Perl/PHP/Ruby/Python camps are currently avoiding this assault on their collective pride. I assume that even this list runs on software that does not utilize Lua in some way.

Maybe it is just me, but I find this vaguely embarrassing. The new LuaForge is definitely an encouraging major step for the betterment of Lua kind. But it seems to me that a basic forum is a much simpler undertaking. I wrote one in C once upon a time, just to learn CGI.

So, anyone have some Lua forum software lying around? I would be happy to transmute the phpBB forum DB into another format. I actually do THAT sort of thing for a living...

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
After over 5 years of good service to the Lua community, Brett Kapilik has
been thinking about closing down the site but he doesn't want to
lose the Lua forums currently at .

Brett is willing to work with anyone wishing to take these over to export
the posts, etc. (the forums use phpBB).

Is anyone interested to take over the hosting of the forums?

While I do like the forums and I have contributed to them, it seems to
me that is currently a
better, more dynamic, place for Lua questions. Does anyone share this feeling?
On the other hand, I don't want to discourage anyone that wants to take over
the forums...