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Thomas Lauer wrote:
KHMan <> wrote:
Had I been following the thread more closely, I may well have snapped at Cynthia too. If Cynthia is a high school student, then Thomas Lauer's comments may have been too harsh, but if Cynthia has an IT degree, for example, then surely the onus is on her to do some homework and invest some time and effort to boost her knowledge of the needed thingies.

My reply had *nothing* whatsoever to do with the original post by
Cynthia Power or with her as a person. I had not even followed that
other thread.

My reply was *strictly* a reply to a post by steve d., nothing more,
nothing less. It was specifically not directed against any person,
living or deceased.

Sorry, mea culpa. It's hard to follow threads perfectly and I should have studied your post carefully. The Internet is an imperfect communications medium. :-)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia