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"Cynthia was not being rude, just asked a question: mixing Lua and C when you're starting off is definitely starting at the deep end of the pool"

Indeed Cynthia has been shot down a couple of times on this list but she is in fact well ahead of me.

I stay away from video games for the same reason I stay away from alcohol, drugs and strippers(I have a one-track-mind) but I am surprised there does not seem to be a lot of other non-professional programmers on this list. Aren't there thousands of amateur WoW programmers, isn't one of Lua strengths it's ease of use for non-programmers? Is this not why arrays start at 1 and variables are global by default? Would another list serve these people (and perhaps myself) well?

I feel really bad for the rude comments directed at Cynthia and this is what prompted my thread-starting post but in fact this is the most polite list I have ever joined(PHP users is not for the shy and gentle!) and I have joined quite a few. I would just like to take a moment to thank Roberto, Luiz and Waldemar for there work with Lua and for being so active on this list. They have made a fun language and a fun list-Patrick