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2009/11/24 cynthia powers <>:
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Mark Feldman
> <> wrote:
>> Works for me, the problem must be elsewhere.
>> === start code ===
>> function my_function()
>>   print("foo")
>> end
>> function function_1(my_function)
>>   my_function()
>> end
>> function_1(my_function)        --> foo
>> === end code ===
>> Mark Feldman
>> cynthia powers wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> still a Lua newbie..
>>> How do you specify function pointers in lua, and more importantly call
>>> them?
>>> This case does not seem to work for me:
>>>  A.lua:
>>>  function_1 (..., my_function, ..)
>>> ..
>>> while (<a function defined in c-world) do
>>>    my_function()
>>> end
>>> ..
>>> end
>>>  function_1 (.., my_function,..)
>>>   thanks
>>> cynthia
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> Hi Mark,
> Thanks. But it still does not work for me. I have a c-calling lua-calling c
> setup. luaL_loadstring returns 3 and luaL_dostring return 1;

You should have read the manual. This would have told you that if
luaL_loadstring or luaL_dostring return a non-null integer, there is a
message describing the problem on the stack. You can access that
message with lua_tostring(L, -1). The message describes the actual
problem. If you're going to ask for further help, at least quote that
message in your email, along with the real script.