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David Given <> wrote:
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> Thomas Lauer wrote:
> [...]
> > But the lazy git who just can't be bothered to search the web, the
> > manuals or even his/her own brain... well, that's another matter
> > altogether. In this case rudeness can be necessary... as a survival
> > tactic.
> I absolutely disagree with this.
> This mailing list is about communication. Communication is, crudely put,
> about maximising signal and minimising noise. The social rituals we call
> 'politeness' are all about providing formalised frameworks for this
> communication to occur efficiently; by saying 'please' what you're doing
> is indicating a willingness to participate in the communication process.
> Being rude is the precise opposite --- it's going out of our way to
> *minimise* signal and *maximise* noise. Worse, it's deliberately trying
> to alienate the other person. Thus, it's negative communication.
> It's just as easy to say 'This is documented in the excellent manual,
> see <link>; let us know if you have any problems with it,' than it is to
> say 'RTFM, you [omitted] noob'...

Unfortunately, you snipped my quote of steve d.'s original message. I
did use the words "rudeness" and "necessary" precisely because he used
them in his post. Steve is a quite "civilised" poster and I understood
his meaning of rudeness not to be the fist-in-your-face sort of
rudeness, more the curtness of "RTFM". Maybe I was wrong.

And maybe our definition of rudeness is not the same: I try to be quiet
when I have an urge to be rude.

cheers  thomasl