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>> Unrolling usually only helps if the trip count is low and
>> constant. The latter is often not the case with varargs.

> I was explicitly reasoning about callsites with _fixed_ number of
> arguments.

> I presume that callsites for vararg functions usually have fixed number of
> arguments. I do not have any statistics, so I might be wrong.

If it'll help, I can help with statistics (for my specific code style,
of course, but over a lot of code).

All I'll need is some automated statistics gatherer... Or at least we,
here on list, should come up with description of how it should work.

Also we can extract some stats from publicly available code (say, find
all Lua files on, download code, and run
analyzer over them.)

I feel that analysis of existing Lua code can yield some revealing
results in general. People on the list (including myself) keep talking
about what is "usual" for Lua and what is not, but there is no actual
research done (that I know of -- or is there?).