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On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Francesco Abbate
<> wrote:
> I'm proud to announce the first developer release of GSL Shell, an
> interactive interface that gives access to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).

Very cool!  Definitely a good use of Lua.

What would be extra cool is some integration with GnuPlot, so one can
have a look at generated curves, inspect data.  E.g. if you were doing
non-linear curve fitting.

> GSL Shell is based on the LUA scripting language gives you all the
> flexibility and richness of the LUA programming language.

It's Lua, not LUA; not an acronym, but a word meaning Moon.  (Besides,
LUA as an acronym has some Windows meaning)  This may be pedantic but
it really does look better as a word ;)

steve d.