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I'm proud to announce the first developer release of GSL Shell, an interactive interface that gives access to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).

The project is hosted at Savannah at The webpage with the documentation is at

GSL Shell is based on the LUA scripting language gives you all the flexibility and richness of the LUA programming language. The
combination of LUA and the GSL library open the possibility of developing complicated routines without the burden of writing a real C application.

This is the first public release of GSL shell and it is not intended for the casual user but a lot of work have been already done and many modules are already functional. The module that are currently usable are:
- matrix linear algebra
- Fast Fourier Transform of real data ="" not yet documented
- Nonlinear least squares fit for real and complex data
- Numerical integration
- Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) system solving for real and complex data

There is also a draft of the documentation but still a lot of work has to be done. I hope you will give a try to the software and may be help in the development if you are interested.

Best regards,