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Hi all,

thank you for your remarks, Steve. I've made a lot of work to bring GSL Shell to the current level but I was strongly motivated because I think that Lua offers a wonderful opportunity to bring an interactive, easy to use interface on top of GSL.

Also, the more I'm using Lua, the more I feel that I've made a good choice by choosing this language. It is really amazing how a small language like Lua can be powerful and elegant. I'm also pleased to observe how the language and the implementation is well designed to bring a maximum in productivity with a minimum of costs.

Talking about the graphical interface to plot function, yes it is definitely the missing feature. I'm planning to implement it but I'm lacking cruelly of time. My hope is that by publishing GSL shell in the web someone will be motivated to help me in this project.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Best regards,
On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Francesco Abbate
<> wrote:
> I'm proud to?announce?the first developer release of GSL Shell, an
> interactive interface that gives access to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).

Very cool!  Definitely a good use of Lua.

What would be extra cool is some integration with GnuPlot, so one can
have a look at generated curves, inspect data.  E.g. if you were doing
non-linear curve fitting.

> GSL Shell is based on the LUA scripting language gives you all the
> flexibility and richness of the LUA programming language.

It's Lua, not LUA; not an acronym, but a word meaning Moon.  (Besides,
LUA as an acronym has some Windows meaning)  This may be pedantic but
it really does look better as a word ;)

steve d.