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steve donovan <> wrote:
The Lua/C++ mixture can be tuned to fit the application; one can lay
down the foundation with C++, and use (semi) automated bindings to add
disciplined access to Lua internally.

Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
I quite understand if that amount of effort is spent on the low-level
"foundation" code in the system (application, library etc.). It is
usually written once, must be of high quality and work fast. But to
waste it on the business logic, that mutate every day to the whim of
the high command?

Exactly. Lua is the perfect complement to C++ when a fast and easy way to code business logic is needed as another layer on top of the foundation. For me C++/Lua (along with all their libraries and tools) is the most powerful software development tool combo. One should just correctly recognize where to draw the line between them, depending on the nature of the project. For most of the projects I've worked on so far, the Lua part was the smaller one.

As for the level of qualification of the programmers - I think that should be a secondary factor when deciding on the tools for the project. If the project clearly needs C++, better hire or train the needed engineers, rather than switch to a tool less suited for the task but easier to use.