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> Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> > Not exactly a "united" feature, as each language seems to present
> > a slightly different mechanism for hexadecimal characters:
> >
> >   * "\x7": ok in Perl and C, error in Python ("invalid \x escape").
> >   * "\x445": ok in Perl and Python (meaning "D5"), undefined
> >     behavior in C. (ISO says it is an error, my gcc gives a warning
> >     and uses the value "E".)
> >   
> With all due respect, I feel you are deliberately missing the point.
> That point being, that all of those languages provide a hexadecimal
> escape sequence for programmers to use (and in your examples even
> through the common '\x' escape).

I guess you missed the point, not me. I did not send this as an argument
against adding hexa chars to Lua; it would be a rather crappy argument
indeed. The main point was that, if we are going to add hexa chars, we
must choose what behavior to use.

-- Roberto