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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> I guess you missed the point, not me. I did not send this as an argument
> against adding hexa chars to Lua; it would be a rather crappy argument
> indeed. The main point was that, if we are going to add hexa chars, we
> must choose what behavior to use.

My apologies. It came across to me as a reason not to implement the
feature. If the only problem is choosing how it is to be done, we're on
a good thing. However, we do not (at this point) have a message/email on
this list that acknowledges the utility of the feature and/or says it
will be done.

With other benevolent dictators I have worked with, this lack of
communication on an issue was a technique for letting the issue die away
without doing anything about it. Not stating that this is what is
happening here, just explaining why I remain vocal about the need for
hexadecimal escapes as a "core feature".


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer
Mob:   0417 456 505

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