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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> Not exactly a "united" feature, as each language seems to present
> a slightly different mechanism for hexadecimal characters:
>   * "\x7": ok in Perl and C, error in Python ("invalid \x escape").
>   * "\x445": ok in Perl and Python (meaning "D5"), undefined
>     behavior in C. (ISO says it is an error, my gcc gives a warning
>     and uses the value "E".)

With all due respect, I feel you are deliberately missing the point.
That point being, that all of those languages provide a hexadecimal
escape sequence for programmers to use (and in your examples even
through the common '\x' escape). It would also seem somewhat unanimous
from the users on the list that this is a desired feature (with several
having expressed surprise that it doesn't provide it).

I understand the whole "benevolent dictator" thing, but it is seems
pretty obvious that for a measly ten lines or so of code that it would
be immensely appreciated & used.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer