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On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:47 AM, Joseph Stewart
<> wrote:
> Just a casual observation that tables rather than strings might be the
> "right" place to carry around the hex until shortly before converting into a
> string.
> If you're doing protocol work, I'd highly recommend linking in Roberto's
> struct library and represent your hex values in standard 0x## format.
> After all wouldn't you like to look at something like:

> x = struct.pack("Bc0", string.len(s), s)

> rather than:

> x = "\x05hello\x00"

String length is usually a dynamic value, therefore it is not very
useful to hardcode it as a hex value into a string literal.

Also your solution involves at least two function calls and four table
lookups (okay, it may be optimized a bit), whereas string literal
solution is virtually free -- as it is done by parser.