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But if the goal is just to use lua instead of CMake
script there is no benefits in doing it. It must also increase the set
of possible operations over the current CMake scripting language and
probably help enforce some coding practice related to the writting of
CMake modules and some other not that user friendly aspects of CMake
scripting. This is where the automated conversion might not work that

Exactly. I believe it doesn't make much sense to simply create Lua bindings to CMake's current set of functions, as they are currently designed. You wouldn't be exploring Lua's full potential. To make a Lua interface worth it, at the very minimum some sort of "facade" would have to be developed. Even then it would take more work to adapt CMake to make it extensible from Lua.

But I don't think CMake will ever be a "hardcore" Lua-driven ultra-extensible build system (as many of us would like) because it would probably take a huge rewrite/serious refactoring. If Kitware is concerned with backwards compatibility, it's probably unfeasible.