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Ben wrote:
> Wars will be an ECMA Script dialect.  I'm presently rooting for Rhino
> [1], a project by Mozilla.  From what I've seen, it's a very nicely

It also has a few exceptions, things that work in JavaScript that don't in Rhino. Not good for those that come from Firefox/IE and want things to work the same way.

I think if they get Taramin working well then have the sense to provide a command line version of it as well then that will rule the day. Just force of numbers if they do it.

> I'm convinced more and more by the assertion that ANSI 89 C is truly
> the most portable language out there.  It's small, fast, and for it's
> age has shown an incredible amount of flexibility (Lua's source code
> opened my eyes to using functional programming concepts in a
> structural language!).  Most of the time you are just wanting for
> automatic memory management and more fleshed out libraries.

Want a nice systems language? Take a look at the 'D' language. Very nice.

(Steve Yegge, the guy that wrote Rhino, he likes D too).