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Ken it's great to see you make yourself and your Lua experiments known.

On Feb 11, 2008 2:34 PM, Ken Martin <> wrote:
> So the question
> becomes one of adding Lua and supporting both languages or just keeping what
> we have. Adding Lua is not a dead issue, just one that is not easy to decide
> so we are taking some time to make the decision.

My strategy would be to write a CMake script --> Lua translator.
Translation strategies are generally what I think about nowadays.
Anyone converting from Autoconf to CMake script needs a translation.
They either have to do it manually or a tool can partly do it for
them.  I believe that in time, translations could be automatic.
Whatever approach proves suitable for translating to CMake, is also
suitable for translating CMake to Lua.

Without automated migration, I agree that maintaining 2 languages is a
burden.  It would likely split the CMake community, greatly weakening

Brandon Van Every