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On Feb 12, 2008 6:30 AM, Thiago Bastos <> wrote:
> But I don't think CMake will ever be a "hardcore" Lua-driven
> ultra-extensible build system (as many of us would like)

But what does that mean, an "ultra-extensible build system?"  Can you
point me at an example of an extant ultra-extensible build system?
Can you point me at a ~100K LOC project or larger that needed
ultra-extensibility to gracefully implement the build?  I am not yet
familiar with all the build systems out there in all the various
languages.  But I've yet to see such an ultra-extensible build system
being taken good advantage of.  What I am sure of, is a lot of people
perceive the need for ultra-extensibility.  My working hypothesis is,
lacking experience with large scale build systems, they want assurance
that they can handle any problem that comes at them.  The abstract
notion of ultra-extensibility gives them comfort.  I'd very much like
to see a build system that delivers concrete "ultra-extensibility" and
can demonstrate the $$$$$ profit in using such an approach.

Brandon Van Every