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The point of all this is that SVN is more or less phasing CVS out, version 2, if you will.. Subversion has an excellent array of clients, tools and integrations for most popular IDE's, readily available tutorials and help, and is easy and uncomplicated to work with. The idea of having to muck around with cygwin and try to "fake" a non windows environment just because the chosen version control is buggy is just stupid.

I'm all for an alternative, but it would have to prove itself to overshadow SVN enough that it also overweigh the benefits of using already available subversion offer, through the latest GForge release, which also brings up the point of familiarity. A complete facelift of luaforge might sound attractive for practical reasons, or aesthetics, but it's probably not from the view of the casual users who use it on a daily basis. They might not object to a one-time move from CVS to SVN, but a complete makeover of the whole concept will most likely make some people upset, especially if they're already happy.

Baby steps.. baby steps.

Doug Currie wrote:
On Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Miles Bader wrote:
Doug Currie <> writes:
Not to mention the lack of Windows support for git:

Git "native" support for windows is flaky, but it does exist (and is
actively being developed).

However, AFAIK (I don't use windows myself) you can just use cygwin to
run git on windows and everything should work.

Well, I prefer not to run flaky software, or cygwin, on my machine,
and I suspect I am not alone.

Of course, none of that should have any bearing on whether luaforge
supports git or not.  Ideally luaforge would just support every popular
SCS, and let the project maintainers decide what they want to use.

Sure. However if the number of supported SCS at LuaForge is limited,
my vote would be for Subversion and Mercurial. These are centralized
and distributed models for a wider set of platforms.