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 > > It looks to me like the Lua List of Projects page,
 > > 
 > >
 > > 
 > > Has been overhauled...
 > The list was getting too long, so we decided to publish only a few
 > projects from each category (games, embedding, etc.). We try
 > to select projects that are "special" in some way (very popular,
 > in a different area, shows some specific Lua's strength).

I applaud the sentiment, but the list would be a lot more effective if
the categories were given explicitly in headings with the bullets at
the top, and if entries within a category were sorted in either
alphabetical or chronological order.  (And if chronological, the year
should be given explicitly.)

A quick look at the current page gives this casual reader the
impression that Lua is used primarily for games.  I don't think this
impression accurately reflects the way Lua is actually used, and I
also think it's a poor way to encourage growth in the use of Lua.
(But maybe you've had enough growth for now, eh?)