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An empty search results in 645 pages, not sure if that's all of them tough...

Jerome Vuarand wrote:
Asko Kauppi wrote:
Let's place the "full" list on the Wiki as Roberto's saying.  Someone
more active there could make the page, then inform us on the list and
we'll each place our favourite piece.

Is the old full list available somewhere ? Can we get a copy for review
(elimination of pr0n links) and republishing on the wiki ?

btw, there should really be some cleanup on the Wiki; taking anything
pointing to Lua 4 out to a separate section or something like that.
Would someone wish to make a cleaning round with me?  Full wiki, all
pages. Tutti.

Let's be future proof and instead tag all pages with the version number,
so that the work will be already done when the wiki will start being
populated with Lua 6 pages. Is it possible to see a list of all the wiki
pages or do we have to follow all links ?