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However, how many such projects are there in luaForge? Normally, projects have -hopefully- at least one person in charge of them more than others. I'd feel going git would endanger getting even subproject fragmentation, wouldn't it? :)

And, since GForge seems to have svn support in later versions, case closed?


David Kastrup kirjoitti 21.11.2007 kello 11:18:

Miles Bader <> writes:

"RJP Computing" <> writes:
(alternatively, if anyone knows gforge well, consider helping the
community out :))

This would be a great addition. Subversion is the way to go!

Well subversion is probably better than CVS in most ways, but there
are many other choices too these days, often arguably better than

In fact, for projects with layered responsibility and versioning, a
distributed version control system is arguably better-suited since
everybody is then free to entertain his own forks and branches without
requiring upstream approval.

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum