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James Dennett schrieb:
On 10/24/07, Evan DeMond <> wrote:
I guess this sounds to me like too much work to be very beneficial. Would
the maintainers then have to maintain two codebases?

The answer would seem to me to be no, and yes.

No in that the existing maintainers would not change their roles, and
would maintain only a C-based set of code.

I think it is allways a good idea to have different implemantations of a language as long as no forking of the language itself happens. Lua in C++, Lua in Lua, Lua in Haskel ...

The role of the maintainers is clear: they decide of the future of the language and create the prototypical implementation. Their approach has proven to be a good one and is obviously successfull.

Yes in that the (presumably new) maintainers/authors of the C++
implementation would have to maintain that.

If there are not volunteers to take on the C++ work, it won't happen.

ACK, that all is more a political question than a tecnical one. There remain some technical question though. I disbelieve that the Lua communioty is large enough for such projects but I may be wrong.