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If you like some hands on that, you can count on me. I have a few weekends to avoid sun light, anyway. Just contact-me off-list (noise point here) in soscpd at gmail dot com, since I think this will not be exactly part of the Lua main project (like a port or something...). Think some parts just have to stay in c, if you like to have almost the same speed of the original one. This whatever we call will be really good for embedd in c++ applications, but very bad for Lua (Since C++ allow a lot more nasty coding practices). A project and full study of the Lua code will be mandatory point of start.
On 24/10/2007, James Dennett <> wrote:
On 10/24/07, Evan DeMond <> wrote:
> >
> > - I am NOT suggesting to move Lua to C++. That said, I am wondering
> >   whether it would make sense to have a C++ implementation of Lua
> >   _in addition_ to the original Lua, an implementation that might
> >   be better suited for some Lua users that do _not_ deal with
> >   specialised embedded scenarios (where there might not even be a
> >   C++ compiler, I know).
> I guess this sounds to me like too much work to be very beneficial. Would
> the maintainers then have to maintain two codebases?

The answer would seem to me to be no, and yes.

No in that the existing maintainers would not change their roles, and
would maintain only a C-based set of code.

Yes in that the (presumably new) maintainers/authors of the C++
implementation would have to maintain that.

If there are not volunteers to take on the C++ work, it won't happen.

-- James

Rafael Menezes