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On 10/18/07, Antonio Scuri <> wrote:

Mingw -> msvcr8.dll
Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition -> msvcr8.dll

  Although many users still use Visual Studio 2003, or MSVCR71.DLL.

We already know that you can mix runtimes if you don't share internals among libraries, so isn't picking a RT that can be used with free (as in beer/speech) compilers good enough? If your module does not use any internal bits of other modules (or Lua) then any compiler/runtime is fine. If your module uses it then bite the bullet and install VC Express or Mingw... the downside of msvcr8.dll is the pesky installer for end-users, for developers the choice is fine.
Ironic that the platform where you are practically forced to distribute binaries is one where it has the most problems doing so. :-)


Fabio Mascarenhas