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  Hehehe, the ideia is great. But I don't think that LuaForge has the
resources to do that.

  Anyway, there are two free compilers that can be used:

Mingw -> msvcrt.dll
Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition -> msvcr8.dll

  Since LuaForge is a UNIX system the work will be complicated because of
Visual C++. And I think that the Visual C++ license is for personal use

  It just came to my mind now. Should we explicit name the LuaBinaries DLLs
as they are using different RTLs? For example: 

lua51.dll -> msvcrt.dll (build with vc6 or mingw)
lua51rt8.dll -> msvcr8.dll (build with vc8)

  Today the two dlls have the same name and can not coexist in the same


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> Sent: quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2007 14:32
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> Subject: RE: LuaBinaries executables for msvcr80.dll?
> Hi,
> > Should we be worried about it or should be the one how 
> build a module 
> > that exhange FILE*?
> I think it would be us. Because no matter what happens, it 
> will be us that will have to solve the crazy problems once 
> thay show up on the list. It could take weeks to isolate this 
> problem, because the results are simply undefined.
> Now, is there any chance we could setup a LuaForge service 
> that would perform this compilation for module writers? Say, 
> you upload the source (plus any libs you need) and a config 
> file (a la tecmake) and it produces all binaries for you, 
> each compatible with a different CRT? Is it even legal to do so?
> Regards,
> Diego