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> I am thinking if it is necessary to use MSVCRT.DLL at all ? 
> My understanding is that it is necessary mainly in the area 
> where file handles(both FILE * as well as the fileno as it 
> seems to have one more level of indirection in Windows so 
> stdin(0) is something inside the CRT rather than a handle of 
> the process). So if we can be sure that these things are only 
> used inside luasocket, can it be just compiled with /MT 
> instead of /MD so the C functions are statically linked ?

  But the problem persists if you exchange FILE pointers. Its definition
inside your code could be different from the one used in an module
implemented by another person that do not use /MT.

  The fact is, it will work if you do not exchange FILE*, and keep memory
usage safe.

  Should we be worried about it or should be the one how build a module that
exhange FILE*?