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On Tue, 09 Oct 2007 18:18:33 +0200, Enrico Colombini <>

>Steve Heller wrote:
>> Well, the other people haven't run it nearly as much as I have, so I'm
>> not sure whether they will run into these problems.
>Have you tried running it continuously in a test process on the various 
>machines, with traps on nil values and some sort of log added? It could 
>be useful also to test for possible for interactions with other programs.

No, not yet.

>> Yep.  I've also noted that some days/times I can run it many times in
>> a row with no problems, whereas other days/times it fails almost every
>> time I run it. I'm thinking there may be an interaction with some
>> other software on my machine that isn't running all the time.
>Does it use files? How does it react to disk errors (e.g. files accessed 
>by a disk indexer or something of that sort)?

It does read and write files. How would a disk indexer cause disk
errors? That might be something I could do something about.

>Does it access network drives? In this case, how does it react to 
>errors, timeouts, locking?

No, it doesn't access network drives, as I run it. It could, of
course, if the files it uses were on a network drive, but in my case
they're all on my machine.

>Have you tried killing off all unnecessary processes on that machine?

Not in a thorough manner.

>(I know most of the above is just the usual checks, but just in case...)