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On Tue, 09 Oct 2007 11:39:43 -0400, Ralph Hempel
<> wrote:

>Steve Heller wrote:
>>> IOW, wasn't it written incrementally? write a little, test it, write some 
>>> more...
>> I did write it incrementally, and it worked fine until I had these
>> weird errors crop up. In fact, it still works fine on the other
>> machines on which it is installed.
>Ummm, that's a data point that was missing in previous posts.

Well, the other people haven't run it nearly as much as I have, so I'm
not sure whether they will run into these problems.

>Now we're looking at what might be a hardware error, or it might be
>a software error that only manifests itself on certain hardware...

Yep.  I've also noted that some days/times I can run it many times in
a row with no problems, whereas other days/times it fails almost every
time I run it. I'm thinking there may be an interaction with some
other software on my machine that isn't running all the time.

>Groucho Marx might ask you to not run the software on the machine that
>is giving you the weird errors :-)

We will be doing a multi-machine distributed run later this month. We
may need to exclude my machine if we can't figure out how to fix the