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Steve Heller wrote:
Well, the other people haven't run it nearly as much as I have, so I'm
not sure whether they will run into these problems.

Have you tried running it continuously in a test process on the various machines, with traps on nil values and some sort of log added? It could be useful also to test for possible for interactions with other programs.

Yep.  I've also noted that some days/times I can run it many times in
a row with no problems, whereas other days/times it fails almost every
time I run it. I'm thinking there may be an interaction with some
other software on my machine that isn't running all the time.

Does it use files? How does it react to disk errors (e.g. files accessed by a disk indexer or something of that sort)? Does it access network drives? In this case, how does it react to errors, timeouts, locking?

Have you tried killing off all unnecessary processes on that machine?

(I know most of the above is just the usual checks, but just in case...)