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On Tue, 09 Oct 2007 00:21:51 -0400, Ralph Hempel
<> wrote:

>>>> Yes, that would be a good approach if I had an indefinite amount of
>>>> time to find the problem, and it may in fact be the only way. Of
>>>> course, if it is a hardware problem, even that approch won't work.
>>>> However, clearly there is something seriously wrong somewhere either
>>>> in my code, in Lua, or in the Windows environment in which my code is
>>>> running.
>I'd start by eliminating the obvious stuff which you seem to
>have started to do, such as using memtest96.
>Next, I'd try to run your software on a CLEAN install of
>Win2k or WinXP on a different machine.
>I cannot overstate how useful VMWare is for this kind of testing :-)

I'll try that.

>Next, I'd try to run the software on a barebones Linux or BSD
>type machine, since you say your script is just doing basic I/O and
>is not using any goofy peripherals.

I'll try that too.

>In any case, either use known good and compatible LuaBinaries
>or compile Lua and install it on the target machine. 


>Are you using
>any extensions like the LuaSQL?


>How much memory is your app using? What does the task mananger tell you?

I'll have to check. The last time I looked it was about 30 MB of

>At some point, your firm may have to pony up some cash and get an
>expert in to look at this...

Yes, I think we will need to do that. Any suggestions as to whom we
should try to get?