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Steve Heller wrote:
> Yep.  I've also noted that some days/times I can run it many times in
> a row with no problems, whereas other days/times it fails almost every
> time I run it. I'm thinking there may be an interaction with some
> other software on my machine that isn't running all the time.

My guess: kernel memory fragmentation (try not rebooting and see
if it gets worse over time). May point to a bug in the OS or may
trigger application bugs. It may even uncover rare hardware
problems (TLB, northbridge, memory timing). Recent Intel/AMD
errata lists are full of stuff that only happens under very weird

Next guess: overclocking and/or temperature sensitivity. How's
the weather been in Texas lately? ;-)

[If you're able to reproduce it on at least one other box, I'll
offer you one hour free consulting under NDA (to finally get this
thing off the list :-) ).]