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El 24/09/2004, a las 1:38, David Given escribió:

I get the impression, from reading between the lines, that this may not be a popular suggestion, but... how about SourceForge (http://www.sourceforge.


If for some reason you don't like SourceForge, there's always Savannah (, which provides much the same services with a different political slant. It's not limited to GPL software, though.

I have a project at SF, and I don't like how the CVS is working since 6-7 months ago. It's working too slow, with frequent timeouts and lots of connections resets (no, it's not a problem with my ISP, I have tried from several places). And if you access CVS anonymously you get a (free-of-charge) lag of 5 hours (public CVS is a mirror from the master one, updated every 5-6 hours).

Another thing I don't like is that they now use DB2 (a commercial database manager from IBM), instead of an OpenSource software solution. They're switching more and more stuff that runs the site to non-OpenSource software. Bad thing, I guess.

I would try BerliOS,, Savannah or any other similar service before SF. In fact, I'm thinking about moving away from SF.

It's only my opinion... not an important one. Just decide whatever you think it's better for Lua and for you.

Be happy!


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