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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
After more than three years of good services, Soho One, the current host
of the Lua site, is discontinuing its hosting services. So, we need a
new host.  It would be great if someone from the Lua community could
provide this facility.

I get the impression, from reading between the lines, that this may not be a popular suggestion, but... how about SourceForge (

The current site requirements are:

- 30MBytes of space (plus some space to grow)
- ~6 GBytes/month of data transfer (this is increasing continuosly...)
- a few (less than 10) email forwarding
- (ssh access to update it would be welcome)

They do all of this, really well, plus loads more. (CVS! Yay!) Bandwidth limits aren't a problem; they have an extensive network of mirrors built in to their system. The project management interface is really great and can only make things easier; everything's seamlessly integrated into everything else... and as a less tangible benefit, being on SourceForge can only increase Lua's visibility.

I have a few minor projects hosted there, and I've been very happy with it. In some ways it's a better development environment than the one I use at work...

It's all free, too, although it's polite to donate if you use it a lot.

If for some reason you don't like SourceForge, there's always Savannah (, which provides much the same services with a different political slant. It's not limited to GPL software, though.

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